The Young Protectors - Ch 3, Page 110-111

Gah! (In the book, this will be a double-page spread. You can see a larger version here: ) OK! A few fun things! First off, thanks to the amazing, awesome support of the Patrons, I’ve now fully upgraded the site and thus, as a Milestone Goal, was finally able to create the single most-requested feature I’ve gotten since I began making webcomics: a bookmarkable link to the most current page. It’s looks like such a small thing but if you create a bookmark with it, it has the power to take you to the most current page of The Young Protectors in one click: Enjoy! Also, you all have continued being totally amazing with the Patreon! Since the last update, we’ve gone up over $250/month to $4867/month in support! You are simply the best readers in the world! That means that we’re coming up fast on the next Milestone Goal at $5000/month: a Patreon-Exclusive Wallpaper

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