Finally went Core
I learned about Patreon through dA -- Deviant Art.

I learned about dA from one of my four artistic children, who started his dA account back about 8 years ago, when he was still in high school.  It took me awhile to join, and years to build my gallery, but two days ago I finally went Core and was able to redesign my page and galleries into a form I can be proud of.

I have a gallery folder on dA entitled "Nature and Technology" along with another I particularly like called "I love TEXTURE!"  

Deviant Art is a great place to put my favorite nature photos, old pics of my acrylic art pieces, some random poetry and prose writings, and even some photo manipulations like the ones in this post.  I really do not put these up anywhere online BESIDES dA.

My absolute favorite thing to do on dA -- and something that infallibly cheers me no matter how discouraged I ever feel -- is to browse other people's art and encourage them through comments and and other interactions such as favoriting one of their works, watching (following) them, or giving them dA-specific gifts like llamas and points.  

They say that it always helps your mood when you help someone else... and dA is one of my favorite ways to do that in this electronic age.  Works for me!!  

Here's something else that helped my mood...

My first "photo manipulation" ever was the one above, made almost 2 years ago, not long after my "Tiny Friend" -- little Rusty my 6-pound pomeranian -- passed away after being my constant companion for 12 years.  Needless to say, I was heartbroken.  It helped to create this little digital artwork of him which reminded me of him going forward, "Into the Light".  I could then post it on dA and feel like I did him a small honor.  It is still in my "Photo and Digital" dA gallery folder, along with a similar one of Rusty.  :D

If you are on Deviant Art, or if you join dA, let me know so I can browse YOUR galleries!  

And please do try out my little self-medicating formula for happiness... encouraging other artists!!  Heehee.  :wink: