Upcoming features and fixes OBS Stream Effects
It's been a bit since the last update, so here's a text preview of what's coming next to OBS Stream Effects. The gap was mostly due to a lack of up to date binaries and time, but now that I've got automated building set up for OBS Studio and OBS Stream Effects again, things should move along smoother. All of these changes are relative to the last public release, 0.4.2.


  • The version given by the plugin is now in the format Major.Minor.Patch.Tweak. Tweak will usually be 0, in the case that it is not you are likely using a pre-release version that is unstable/untested.

Blur Filter

  • No longer overrides blend modes of underlying filters or sources, fixing support for layered sources like Display/Monitor Capture with Mouse Cursors.

Mirror Source

  • Fixed a crash when attempting and failing to render.
  • Fixed a recursion crash caused by being able to point two Source Mirrors at each other or by pointing them at each others scene.
  • Fixed a case in which nothing would be rendered if the source that was initially used is not loaded before the Source Mirror.

Custom Shader Filter

  • A new filter that can use any .effect file that is compatible with OBS Studio and offer it to you as a filter. All values are configurable, including textures which can use other sources as an input.