Chaos Core Book 3: Savage Stars Begins!
Starting on Saturday 28, 2018 Chaos Core Book 3 Savage Stars will begin its serial run. The entire book will be shared on Patreon for subscribers with chapters coming out on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The free chapters will appear on Saturdays and will end once the EBook version is released, so you'll be able to see a third to one half of the book for free if one chapter a week is enough for you.

I'm looking forward to this adventure, and hope you stick around for the ride. Spin and crew have their work cut out for them as they enter British Alliance territory and look for help. Freedom isn't quite as rosy as some of the crew might have thought. They discover that they're not only free to thrive, but free to fail.

Just in case you haven't read the Spinward Fringe spinoff: Chaos Core, or lost your ebooks when your rimweasel ate your EReader, here's how you can get the first and second books for free:

Trapped (Chaos Core Book 1) 

Cool Pursuit (Chaos Core Book 2)  Use Coupon: XU45L

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