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We have feelings for you and we think you're the one. At this level you'll receive all of the above benefits, PLUS:

  • The Landy Show: Twice a month, Laura and Andrew will do a video blog in which they discuss hot topics, how good each of them look that day, and ~life~. It's the return of vlogs, but this time they'll have a 'show' feel!

  • We'll Do It Live!: Want each episode sooner? Each #Millennial will now be streamed live here on Patreon as we record. You can tune in and chat via a comments section, and we may read your feedback on air! If you can't make our recording time, you can listen to the raw recording any time -- even before it's officially released.

  • After Dark: This is our flagship benefit. Every week you’ll get exclusive access to no less than 25 minutes of additional show . This bonus segment is designed to be more laid back and more personal. We’ll discuss more news and stories, but also more personal details and ideas.

  • Hashing it Out: Behind-the-scenes access to the show! You’ll get an extra audio file in which you can hear us talk to each other before we start taping every week. Oftentimes we’ll be discussing last-minute show additions and logistics, but just as often it goes completely off the rails. Most of our  inside jokes happen here.

  • Google Doc Access: We’ll release our recording notes before the episode is released so you can see what’s coming up in the episode ahead.

  • No Breaks: Even when we take a week off from the main show during a holiday, you’ll still receive new content here on Patreon. In other words, only Patreon subscribers will have new content to enjoy every single week of the year.
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