An Introduction: Why Patreon?
The first year of On Golden Age has been about learning what I can reasonably accomplish. Some things didn’t work out, and some things worked great. That being said, interest is increasing. I’ve been receiving inquiries from publishers, and slowly OGA is starting to blip on readers’ radars. So, naturally, I’d like to keep the momentum going into a new year. However, at this time, being able to continue to financially self-support OGA is a concern. I don’t want to run ads on the site as I find it very obtrusive to the design, and I have no desire to be an affiliate marketer. So I’ve decided to ask readers who enjoy my content to become patrons of OGA and help me take it to the next level.

What are the primary goals?

  • Website hosting. I’m not a web developer, so Squarespace has been a great platform because it handles a lot of the complicated stuff under the hood, and they have great customer service. However, it’s not the cheapest option out there. Having patrons will help me continue to host the website on a platform that allows more time to focus on creating content, rather than maintaining and troubleshooting website issues that are not in my skillset.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. The photography on the site is very important to me, and I strive to make it the best it can given my resources. My primary applications for post-production are Lightroom and Photoshop. Having patrons will help me to continue to use these subscription-based industry-standard platforms to deliver great images.
  • Time. At this point, I’m averaging two full posts a month. I’d like to step that up a bit. Just knowing that there are patrons actively engaged by investing in me is a huge incentive to continue to deliver great content and increase post frequency. My go-to tagline (inspired/stolen from Wait But Why) is “updated every sometimes.” I’d like to change that to “updated more often."

What are some future goals?

  • Proofreading. Having an extra set of eyes on my writing makes it way better. Early OGA posts were proofread by a professional editor, but, due to budget, I’ve been unable to keep that going. Being able to have a little extra to compensate a proofreader would help improve my content.
  • Upgrading camera gear. All the photography on the site is created by me, and I am proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish with little to no studio gear and natural light. I’ve been getting great mileage out of a Canon PowerShot G10. A few months ago, I got some small LED lights, and a larger CFL soft-box that helped a lot. However, I still have to spend a bit of time in post to manage the limitations of a compact camera by removing ISO noise, sharpening up the image, and color-correcting. Macro photography is a major part of the OGA aesthetic, and it’s a challenge on a fixed-lens camera with no focus ring. Having patrons would help me budget for a higher quality camera system with sharper lenses to deliver better detail and resolution. It would also allow me to explore live or prerecorded video content in the future.
  • Adding variety to image backgrounds. I’ve been using our dining room table and the master bedroom floor as photo backgrounds. It’s been my intention to get additional colored fabrics to add more variety to the pictures. I’ve also considered photo studio boxes, but one that would work well is still outside my budget, Having patrons would help me to invest in additional backgrounds and portable studio environments for stellar game photography.
  • Possible website redesign and migration to another hosting platform. As I said, Squarespace has been really great to use, but there are still design aspects that I’d like to customize that isn’t possible on my own. In the future, I’d like to partner with a professional web developer and a different host to help me build out something that will retain the image-driven aesthetic, make searching for specific content easier as the site grows, and have fewer monthly expenses.

Again, thank you for taking the time to read about my blog and the Patreon campaign. I'd love to take you on this journey with me!