Quest Failed: Chapter One - v 1.1 Release
Hiya there, everyone!

I apologize for my silence this last week and hope I didn't give anyone cause for concern--I've had my head down working super hard to wrap up the last elements require for the v 1.1 patch, which took a little big longer than I imagined to get everything done. But after two solid weeks of blood, sweat and tears it's finally ready to launch! I hope!

I have a general gist of what the version adds above, but I'll explain things more in depth for each thing listed:

- 12th H-Scene Added
Yes, the mythical 12th h-scene has finally been completed and added, after its files have been lingering in Chapter One since as early as 2016--so it was about time I finally finished and wrapped it up! I'll try not to spoil it for those unaware of what it includes, but it slots into the game nicely without feeling too forced in and appears about 2/3rds of the way into the game. Be nice to everyone and the way to the h-scene should unfold!

- Save exporting added
The last thing needed in preparation for Chapter Two releasing down the line! This is an addition to the end of the game where it will tally up your choices, list out what it will be carrying over, and ask if you're happy with the results. You can only have one save exported at any given time, but you're able to replay this and change your choices however many times you want and re-export them, so it's not too strict. While Chapter One didn't have too many choices, I still feel it's important to let you carry over the most important information~

- Journal added
Perhaps what took me the longest to finalise--the journal!

It has what you might expect: a range of categories to choose from, ranging from characters, to locations to items, giving insights into each character with extra little facts as a fun little bonus.

Most elements of the journal will unlock as you progress through the game, though if you load up v 1.1 with your existing data, most of this stuff should be unlocked from the get-go anyways.

However--the most unique aspect of the journal is the fact that when you start it up, a random 'host' will be chosen from the 5 main characters of the game, each with their fully voice lines as they greet you. They'll also comment on articles depending on if they have something to say specific to the information you're reading, or if you ask for their opinion on a character in a general. So it's a fun little interactive experience~

Also, their greeting lines will change depending on the time of day it is on your computer's clock, so there's a lot of unique lines to discover depending on when you might open up the journal!

- Special events added
As another little bonus, I decided to include the special event videos that we've had in the past and let you play them directly in the game. This isn't strictly new content (if you don't count the addition of Lucille's missing lines in the 2016 Christmas special) but I felt the game would be more 'complete' if I included them.

- Soundbites added
If you played the original demo of Chapter One, you may have recalled Jilly and Tari had little sound clips that played during their non-h dialogue, to help add some flavour to what they were saying. (Giggles, hmms, ahhhs, etc.)

Originally for Chapter One's release I had to comment these out as I didn't have the time to go through the entire script and put in soundclips for everyone, but now with the launch of v 1.1 I can happily say the soundbites are now present for each of the 5 main characters! I just, uh, hope people like them!

- Misc. typo fixes and corrections to the script
As you all know, I'm not necessarily perfect when it comes to spotting my silly mistakes while writing, and I did launch Chapter One in a somewhat embarrassing state in regards to typos present. Thanks to the amazing efforts of Ghost and Caged Torus (and I apologise if I forgot to mention however many other people may have pointed out the odd typo or two) most, if not all of the typos have been squashed down to make for a far more pleasant reading experience. I can only hope in the new content I've written that I haven't added my own blundering mistakes!

For those of you that had received the game directly through Patreon, you should be able to download v 1.1 right now if you follow the same link you received before, as I've updated the files within it. (And also left a legacy folder just in case for old v 1.0) You'll be able to tell you have v 1.1 from the 1.1 in the bottom right corner of the screen when on the main menu. has also been updated at the time of this posting, and I'll keep everyone updated on the status of v 1.1 being updated on Nutaku and Mangagamer!

I've been tirelessly testing things for the last night or so, and hope that nothing will go wrong when you play--but if by chance I've blundered and something breaks horribly, please do notify me and I'll upload a fixed version within the hour so that your enjoyment of the new update goes unhindered~

That said, please enjoy! And I really do hope you like what the new version has to offer.