This is the digital art that I created to accompany my Icon Alchemy Astrology Update blog post on the Full Moon in Scorpio.  

The source photo for this is one of the many that I took at this spring's Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle, with an eye toward restocking my stash of digital alteration fodder.  

I chose to work with this image because I saw the tangle of background foliage evoking Scorpio's penchant for emotional complexity, while the Datura flowers in the foreground mirror the blooming of spring that I associate with the Sun in Taurus, and with the flowering season that gives this "Pink Moon" its name.  I chose the more golden tone for the Datura because the process of bringing the Sun's consciousness to the Scorpio Moon's emotional depths really can be like uncovering buried treasure within ourselves, and that mirrors the treasures that we can create with the powerful capacity for manifesting our goals in the material world with this Full Moon's Triangle of Potential.  

This has been a wonderfully creative weekend for me as I have been staying at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in New York, where I did Tarot readings for CoSM's April Full Moon Gathering.  Some of the art from this weekend will be included in a patron's-only post, and I will also be posting a new divinatory art drawing that I've been working on during CoSM's monthly Art Church.  Just as soon as it's finished...  Which of course means that I need to stop typing and go back to drawing.  ;)

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