April 2018 - Tremendous Transforming Master Wardens
What a mouthful of a title, but it was necessary. This encounter is a love letter to Power Rangers, with a team of animal-themed constructs that can combine to form one really big construct. A megazord, basically. On top of that, while they aren't in megazord form these constructs have combo moves in which two of them team up to do something cool. 

In short, this is a pretty mechanically complex encounter with some monsters that have as much synergy with each other as a well-functioning party!

The map is very, very simple since the monsters are so complicated, so there's just one version. Enjoy the zords, and thanks for your patience with these late in the month encounter posts while 2CGaming is in super crunch mode to get a big batch of projects finished up! Everyone has been working some long hours, but we're almost there. I'm looking forward to a nice break. Tune in next month for more encounters, hopefully before the last possible day!

Steven Gordon - 2CGaming Team

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