Yii development notes #22

Another issue of Yii development notes is here.

Framework development

  • There's going to be another Yii 1.1 release. Community members found more PHP 7.2 incompatibilities and sent pull requests so these are now fixed in master.
  • Yii 2.0 is in bugfixing mode. Community members are very good at it sending us cool pull requests.
  • The next Yii got master merged into it by SilverFire. There's progress on 2.1 changes, app template and some extensions but it's taking longer than expected.

Website and infrastructure

Since we've launched website it was fixed and improved by both core team and community (thanks!) and now it seems to be stable. New extensions are added often, wiki articles are being updated. Everything is as it should be.

Translation teams re-activated and are now pushing hard to update translated documentation since it's now displayed at the website.

I've noticed that we're not making releases in time. Not because lack of time but because we simply aren't well aware of for how long we haven't released. So I've put together a page with all release statuses and is going to keep an eye on it.


Yii-powered and projects

  • YiiPowered reached 387 projects. Some of recent ones are really cool.
  • Basil from LUYA CMS posted summary of their Q1 development summary. Worth checking.


We can do it together

While we're good maintaining Yii 2.0, the next version isn't going as fast as we'd like it to. If you feel you can help us with major features and changes, feel free to reach me and we'll work on it.

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