Okay here's what's probably going to be going on with my writing stuff for the rest of this month: A chapter of Skigraphia really, really soon on Patreon. Likely tomorrow or the day after. BUT, the additional content will probably be way the hell at the end of the month, because I seriously need to focus on the western lesbian story for LT3 and I'm going to have a week(ish) where I'll be out of town and likely NOT GETTING ANYTHING DONE. So before that happens I need to cram in all the work on that story I possibly can, so that very little will be left before the LT3 deadline at the end of the month. I don't feel like the short little story I just put up here is enough for this month, which is why I'm trying to at the very least get a real chapter up here. So tl:dr: Skiagraphia chapter on Patreon soon, but additional content not soon.
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