The Young Protectors - Ch 3, Page 112
Spooky!!! All right. Well! Our young magic user might be in a spot of trouble right now on this comic page, but he’s been getting lots of your love over at the Patreon page. Since the last update, y’all have blasted through two Milestone Goals, raising your support over $425/month to $5306/month! Holy cow, you all are so totally awesome! The first Milestone Goal (at $5000/month) was the chance for Patrons to vote for their favorite character for a Patreon-only wallpaper. Currently, Kyle is in the lead by a good margin, but voting will continue until Friday, so it’s not too late to cast your vote. Also, because it’ll take a month to get that wallpaper created after the vote is complete, I sweetened the pot by also adding in a fully-nude, full-color Full-Monty The Annihilator Pin-Up as a Special Digital Reward. The coloring for that pin-up is being finished right now, so I should be able to post that up for Patrons by Saturday. Whether you want to use it for a wallpaper for your phone, or would prefer instead to print it out and throw darts at it, I’ll tell you one thing: you won’t be disappointed with the art. This one is truly something special. The second Milestone Goal (at $5250/month) was a longer short story answering the question “What does it feel like to kiss Spooky Jones?” And, as I followed the truth of that story, it got kinda steamy. OK, very steamy. And people seemed to like what they read. Here are excerpts from the comments: “Ohhhh myyyyyyyy! Now that was certainly a wonderful diversion, and makes me want to know EVERYTHING about all three characters!”, “Oh Alex. Words are escaping me right now. I haven’t enjoyed myself with written words like that in a long, long time. I could have read a thousand pages of that story in one sitting, food and water be damned!”, and “I’m SO glad I didn’t read that at work! I’m here at home fanning myself.” Wondering what all the fuss is about? Want to feel some Spooky love? The story is up on the Patreon page right now for all Patrons to read. So! Ouch. Looks like The Annihilator isn’t taking any chances with the Spookster. Is our young wizard now out of the fight? How will his teammates react to what just happened? And what will The Annihilator do next? Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there!
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