Welcome to May, here's what's up!
*patron-only, goes public 1 day after this podcast episode*

Hello, lovely Nateives!

Thanks so much to everyone who made it to last Sunday's podcast livestream, it was EPIC, and I've just finished editing it ready to upload TODAY. your questions were sooo lovely! It will be live right here but only later this afternoon (16:35 SAST to be precise, hah). 

This Sunday, join in!

Save your spot for this Sunday's live podcast recording right now:


This next live podcast episode recording is inspired by my song Barefoot Romance, which y'all voted for a while back, so that should be a fun one! 

As always, we'll be starting with a patron-only chat, where I'll show you some 'never to be shared publicly' photos of the lady who inspired the song, and even the little jungle hostel where I wrote it (if I can find those).

This month we have a total of FOUR live podcast recordings, same time every Sunday! If you can make one, or all, I know you'll have a great experience, we've been having WAY TOO MUCH FUN so far 😁

In other news...

I'm healing well after the op, still haven't made a video/post about that yet...I'll get there 😋.

In 'things I'm finding awesome right now' there is Orla Gartland. She's a musician who shares a lot on youtube (👈this song called imposter is E.P.I.C.). Her music is off-the-wall insanely good, seriously can't get over the quality of what she's doing, please go check her out and support her Patreon if you feel the vibe. She inspires me and makes me want to give up 😂.

Ok, go now and register for Sunday's live podcast recording, you're amazing love you byeeeeee


PS: if you haven't yet, pleeeease review the podcast on itunes, it helps in many ways, like 1. let's me know you care so I don't feel I'm speaking out alone in a void of unimportant non-existence 😉 and 2. let's other people know that you care so they give it a chance by listening too 💛

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