Miniature Monthly Masters Painting Competition
Miniature Monthly is proud to bring you the Miniature Monthly Masters Painting Competition!!

Miniature Monthly Masters is a friendly painting competition for our patrons! Our hope is that this will encourage growth within our hobby, and allow our patrons to show off the skills they have learned from watching our videos. Have fun!!


- Contest Dates: May 4, 2018 - September 4, 2018 at 11:59pm PST

- Winners will be announced September 15, 2018 at 5pm PST.

- Contestants must be a Miniature Monthly patron (Alumni level or above) to enter.

- Children 17 years or younger may enter the Youngbloods category through their parent’s Miniature Monthly account. We love to see families painting together!

- Entries will *not* be accepted if they were entered in a previous (or another current) painting competition. All entries must be something you completed in 2018.

- Your entries MUST be painted by you. You cannot enter for a friend or enter something you purchased online.

- One entry per category. Categories: Single Figure, Squad, Vehicle/Monster, Bust, and Open.

- Entries must be miniatures created by one of our sponsors. Check out our list of sponsors at the very bottom of the rules list!

- When you submit your entry, you must fill out a separate entry form for each category entered.

- Submit 5 non-blurry .jpg or .png files per entry. When taking the photos of your completed model, be sure to choose the best angles since your entry will be judged off of those photos.

- If you violate one of the rules, you are subject to disqualification from present (Miniature Monthly Masters) and future Miniature Monthly contests/competitions.

PRIZES: (This is subject to change as we get more confirmation on prize support from our amazing sponsors! Stay tuned!)

BEST OF SHOW: $1000.00 cash prize from Miniature Monthly and a Golden Gnome Award

RUNNER UP: $600.00 cash prize from Miniature Monthly and a Silver Gnome Award

2nd RUNNER UP: $400.00 cash prize from Miniature Monthly and a Bronze Gnome Award

**When we reach 650 patrons, we will add another $500.00 to the prize pool! Share the word with your friends to help us reach our goal, that way we can do more fun events for the community!!**

There will be 3 winners (First, Second, and Third Place) from each category (Single Figure, Squad, Vehicle/Monster, Bust, and Open), and all three will get one of our Creepy Gnome trophies mailed to them! We will also have special trophies for the top 3 winners for Youngblood entries!

First Place in Category: Golden Gnome Award and prize support from our sponsors (Prize support is TBA)

Second Place in Category: Silver Gnome Award and prize support from our sponsors (Prize support is TBA)

Third Place in Category: Bronze Gnome Award and prize support from our sponsors (Prize support is TBA)


Some of our amazing sponsors have agreed to do a “Manufacturer’s Award”. They will choose from all entries that are eligible for their award. Awards may vary and are TBA.

Here is the list of Manufacturer Awards currently available: (We will update this list throughout the competition, as it grows. This list of sponsors is *not* our full sponsor list, and should not be confused with the “all entries must be from our sponsors” rule.)

Big Child Creatives
Bombshell Miniatures
Corvus Belli (Infinity/Aristeia)
Creature Caster
Dark Sword Miniatures
Kingdom Death
Ninja Division
Panda Cult Games
RN Estudio

CATEGORY RULES: (Conversions are okay, just be sure that we can recognize the original sculpt. All figures must be from one of our sponsors.)

- Youngblood: This can be anything painted by a human 17 years or younger.

- Single Figure: One 54mm and under figure, chosen from one of our sponsors.

- Squad: Three to ten unit figures, 54mm and under, chosen from one of our sponsors. 

- Vehicle/Monster: Any vehicle or monster (Dragons, Big trolls, etc.) chosen from one of our sponsors. 

- Bust: Any bust chosen from one of our sponsors. 

- Open: Anything goes, as long as the miniatures come from one of our sponsors. Be creative!!

JUDGES: Aaron Lovejoy, Elizabeth Beckley, and Matt DiPietro

Winners of the contest must give a shipping address for us to send the trophy and/or prize support. Cash prizes will be paid via PayPal. Any Gift Certificates will be emailed.


Black Heart Enterprises
Big Child Miniatures
Bombshell Miniatures
Corvus Belli/Infinity
Creature Caster
Dark Sword Miniatures
Flying Frog Productions
Kingdom Death
Ninja Division/Soda Pop
Panda Cult Games/Red Panda Miniatures
Privateer Press
Raging Heroes
Reaper Miniatures
RN Estudio
Secret Weapon Miniatures
Steamforged Games
Tectonic Craft Studios

TO ENTER: Go to the following link, and fill out the form. Remember to submit each entry separately, and include the finished images!

*** By entering you accept the following: All models will be featured in a gallery on our Facebook page after the winners are announced on September 15, 2018. We reserve the right to use submitted photos for future Miniature Monthly promotions. ***

Credit for photos used in the Miniature Monthly Masters trailer: Benjamin Kantor, Tyson Koch, and Garith Pipkorn.