Opening-Closing-Working in- Sacred Space

My Journey into being in a conscious working relationship with spirit has lead me to spending a lot of time opening, closing, and working in sacred space.  Over the years I have had lots of conversations with spirit about their preferences and what the heck is up with the practice.  I feel I should share.  I will include links to a few ways that I use to call in.  Understand that these are only a few ways and your way is best as long as it comes from your heart.

 Calling in, invoking, opening to the sacred

People all over the world have different practices.  The specifics are very cultural and usually involves ritual of doing the same thing in a specific order in the same way every time.  My Journey has lead me to great certainty that those specifics are for the humans, not spirit.   

Opening to the sacred can be as simple as "I would like to be connected to_________ within the spirit world".  You can talk to anyone one you would like.  This is true for all humans if you choose to.  This is really handy when you have a specific question for a specific being in a specific realm.  As in, you know who you want to talk to and what you want to talk about and feel safe doing so.  

The thing is when you are first starting this practice you may not yet have a spiritual mentor that you can call by name and have not yet developed your sensitivities to be able to accurately "hear" the reply.   

My own journey to conscious co-creative partnership began around 2004 with the teaching of Machaelle Small Wright.  Her teaching on opening what she calls a coneing. 

I recommend all of her books and teaching.  



I find this a particularly useful way of calling in the sacred quickly and easily calling in a crew specifically for what you are working on.  opening to 4 realms at once gives an expanded point of view and very focused work parameters.  

I use this practice within all other practices.  However there are many other realms and beings that you might want to work with beyond these 4.

The next step of my journey involved doing Mesa building training around 2013. 

This involved a lot of calling in sacred space (see the attachment for full prayer written by Alberto Velloldo) .


 As I was doing this training I found it very confusing to me that they always began in the south.  I grew up on the Navajo rez and Navajos always start in the east, with the rising Sun.  This set an internal struggle for me that I had to talk to spirit to work out.    

The conversation went something like this:

Does it matter to you which direction I begin?

Of course not.  No direction is above or below another.  What matters is that you orient yourself to where you are.  This is a tool of orientation.  As you travel through the worlds you will find that north becomes south and up becomes down.  It is a way of calling yourself to where you are and calling yourself current.  

Why do we need to rattle and make so much noise? 

 This is for you and your relationship with the anima.  For yourself to say we are going into ceremony now, time to change states of perception, it is time to mean what you say and say what you mean.  Of course you can open silently but that is generally a sign you are embarrassed and shy in your connection to all that is.  Don't be so shy.

Should sacred space be left open all the time?  

Only if you want to always mean what you say and say what you mean.  In sacred space we are listening and assisting your process.  In certain spaces it is appropriate to leave it open, dedicated healing rooms, altars, churches, etc.  Other spaces it is best to close and go about your business as a normal human.

Does opening sacred space have to take so long?

Eventually your connection to sacred space is a permanent part of who you are and present ant all times.  Once you truly understand who and what you are.  However, the ritual of opening sacred space is for focusing awareness of everyone involved in the ceremony.  Connecting all the hearts and thanking and inviting all that is to work with you.  This can take a nano second or all night depending on what you are doing.  

These answers have served me well in the years of ceremony that followed.


The next step in my understanding has come from my practice of reading and teaching astrology.  Around 2015, I was reading about the fixed stars, and came across a sentence that said something like " The fixed stars or the four winds are said to be the home of the archangels."  That got my attention.  Unfortunately, I have no idea who wrote that and cannot find it for reference.  I was researching on the internet at the time.  This lead me to many references on fixed stars and my own practice of observing and honoring them. I found the book "Star Magic" by Sandra Kynes a particularly good reference.


 The Astrological chart is a representation of the medicine wheel within us. Calling to the winds of the four directions took on a whole new meaning for me.  Understanding opening sacred space as a orientation to the solar system, all that is, and the no-thing. 

Fixed stars

There are many fixed stars (all the stars that are not planets are fixed, as in they do not move around) but the Royal fixed stars as Ptolemy called them are as follows: 

Aldeberan- the Eye of the Bull in the constellation Taurus - Archangel Michael

Reguas- The Heart of the Lion in the constellation Leo - Archangel Raphael

Antares - The Heart of the Scorpion in the constellation Scorpio - Archangel Uriel 

Fomalhaut - In the Foot of constellation Aquarius - Archangel Gabriel 

These are the brightest stars on the plane of the ecliptic.  They are vital to navigating by the stars.  If you are into astrology, note that these are the fixed signs, which adds another dimension to the interpretation of that word fixed as being directional and foundational in human evolution.

My journey continues and I am sure I will have more to share about this practice later.  I hope it was helpful for you.  Feel free to ask me questions or share your own experiences. 

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