A Look Into a Journalism Effort Worth Supporting
 Four years ago, in January 2014, I started writing about the events and politics of the "Euro-Maidan," the developing war in Donbass and the politics behind the conflict.
  • I covered the events of Euro-Maidan early and showed how this event was actually playing out. This included showing how Pravy Sektor was preparing for it the previous August and started the violence at the beginning of the protests to the end with a video of a policeman being killed underneath the stage even as Yulia Tymoshenko and other leaders were electrifying the Maidan crowd just before the coup.
  • I wrote quite many breaking stories during that time. I wrote many of the first fact-based stories making it into the west in early 2014 and was able to scoop the rest of the world more than once as the war started in the early spring. Imagine that, alt-news websites scooped MSM about major events.
  •  I opened up the history of Ukrainian nationalism as well as the politics around it and why it became relevant today for people trying to understand what was going on. It is still a shock for most people that Ukrainian nationalism as it exists today was formulated in Canada and the USA for export to post-1991 Ukraine. My articles have been carried by academic websites like defendinghistory.com. They have been very supportive throughout this time. 
  • I covered the referendum for federalization in May 2014 for 5 towns. I wrote about the results and the atmosphere going into it. I included an interview with the elusive "little green men" whose existence other journalists were whispering about.
  • I reported from the front lines and did early interviews with some of the Donbass Militia leaders like Alexey Mozgovoy as well as the other original commanders and soldiers in Prizrak.
  • I was able to do the first cross region passport and weapons check of soldiers in Donbass showing that while there was a small percentage of foreigners, the militias were manned by local people. I interviewed foreign volunteers and even the youngest volunteer in the war.
  • I did the passport check and reported from various front-line positions with a collapsed lung. I managed it because every MSM reporter was imagining Russian soldiers were everywhere and not a single one offered any proof. The truth needed to be shown because it was developing into a dangerous situation for all parties. In short, it needed to get done.

In 2015-16 I broke the story of what would become 2017-18's Russian interference, Russian trolls, and how the Deep State was working to influence policy and election outcomes.

  • In March 2015 I wrote long exposes on how the Deep State would be attacking media and work to make independent journalists and publications enemies of the state.
  • I showed how Deep State actors were hacking publications and working to undermine the reputations of journalists, publications, and activists.
  • I showed how NSA tools were being used by private individuals paid for by political organizations to get rid of its enemies.
  • I followed one small Deep State operation from the beginning which showed how easy it was to cut off an alt-media publication from its funding.
  • Throughout 2015-2016 I wrote about the events of the war in Donbass. I showed the horrors of the war crimes Kiev's punisher battalions were perpetrating.
  • A couple of the articles helped stop military funding to Ukraine because of Azov Battalion because they were picked up by NGOs.
  • More than once I was able to debunk info-war pieces written by hired shills trying to pin Kiev's actions on people or soldiers that had nothing to do with multiple events.
  • In 2016 I exposed how Diasporas were using their major city locations and memberships to bloc-vote a <g>multiplied</g> effect in local, Congressional, and Presidential elections in the US.
  • I opened up some insight early in what still has all the makings of a "deep state" coup attempt after the 2016 election.
  • I wrote early pieces showing why Crowdstrike was fabricating their assertion that DNC hackers were Russian. I was able to take it far enough to show initial proof for identifying the hackers that were stirring up trouble between the US and Russia. **This will become important again in the near future.

2017 was a difficult year. I had been ignoring the lung collapse for 3 years and kept writing. It got to a point in April that surgery had to happen. It took months to recover from.

  • In Jan 2017, I broke the story of Ukrainian interference in the US election. Everyone remembers the Politico article which was written a few days after my last piece connecting the dots. Politico's looked like a rewrite other than one alternative fact they added.
  • I opened up how freely private contractors were using all the Vault 7 tools on fellow citizens in the US for revenge, extra money, or political reasons.
  • I showed ultimately it is Team Hillary that is responsible for the DNC hack. * This will get important again at a later date.
  • I hammered on Kiev celebrating the year of the UPA which meant celebrating atrocities from WWII.
  • For most of the time I was recouping, I started doing write-ups on Quora and am now recognized as an authoritative writer there.
  • I wrote articles showing hospital care as a societal measure between Ukraine and Lugansk, LNR and how they look in a side by side comparison.
  • I wrote an article series on the Deep State that showed most of it was comprised of hired contractors, not government employees.
  • The Deep State contractors were using state sized tools to punish people they think have social media and political influence the private contractors were paid to not like in the US.
  • How some of the tools gaining acceptance like the "Hamilton 68 Dashboard" are a ruse to destroy free speech.
  • I gave the first of what will be many examples of why Congress and Senate members cannot and will not shake their Diaspora politics and want war with Russia.