Skin Brushes for Photoshop
++EDIT++ Since these seem to work with PS CS6, CC & CC2014 only, I decided to leave them publicly available. I will not upset anyone for getting a patron and finding out they do not work on CS5 or older. Sorry about that. ++EDIT END++ +EDIT+ find a video demonstrating the brushes on a creature painting here: and here: +EDIT END+ This package includes my tool presets for painting skin, basically the collection of brushes is for painting human skin and creatures such as Kaiju´s, Gremlins, etc. and I´d dare to say it is even useful for retouching. How To Use. These brushes don´t magically do skin for you, working on a piece requires to lay down a base painting, refine values, add light and shadow and paint with texture on top. Experienced artists have their own workflow and know how to adjust the brushes to their liking. So my tip is that if you are not aquainted with Tool Presets in Photoshop yet, get used to the Brush Panel and its settings first. The Tool Presets are in most cases distilled and highly customized versions of other existing brushes and in that regard only useful for their creators. I tried to name the presets by what they look like, not what they are. Maybe you see something totally different in them - that would be extremely fine. I hope this becomes useful to you! Installation: Just download and drag the .tpl-file into Photoshop, open the window "tool presets" to see the tools. You might want to click on the option "show current tool only" to have a nice coherent list like in the preview. Important note: This package is free to download until April 1 after that time it will be available for patrons only - so grab it and spread the word, thanks! Goal: For the future I´d like to release more tool presets like this one and most of all, I´d like to give a video tutorial with an exact overview of what each brush does on a painting example. For this to happen, I hope we can reach my first milestone goal on Patreon, thanks for your kind support and consideration!