May 2018 - Mycodragon Rising
Prepare for the fungus among us! My father is a professor of plant disease who specializes in mycology, so growing up I heard that fun phrase (and many other fungal puns) quite frequently. The first encounter for May is brought to you by my secondhand knowledge of fungi!

When a dragon dies, its remains contain some measure of its power. Necromancers might dare to raise it as an undead servant, while artisans seek to turn its bones and scales into mighty weapons and armor. But sometimes, nature gets there first. A Mycodragon is created when a strain of magical fungus settles in and begins decomposing a dragon's remains. It converts the flesh into more of itself, spreading across the bones until the power of the dragon gives the fungus the gift of sentience. And then a Mycodragon is born. They wield tremendous toxic powers, and create physical memory engrams in their body, allowing a skilled dissection to uncover long lost secrets of the past.

The Mycodragon is a powerful creature, and it brings its own backup, spawning mycelial towers that corral its foes into a tight grouping before the dragon unleashes its twinned breath weapon. It's a real piece of work.

Enjoy the encounter! Patrons will get another one this month, as usual, which focuses on a duo of powerful undead crashing a meeting of great importance.

Steven Gordon - 2CGaming Team

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