June 2018 - Recruitment Drive
Do you love planescape? Well look alive, cutter, because this encounter brings a bit of the weirdness of that setting down to the material plane. Fans of Magicka will find a lot to love here as well. This encounter introduces Xaoscasters, which is really just an obtuse way of spelling chaos-caster, who fling powerful spells with unpredictable effects and a lot of collateral damage. Someone should've told them not to cross the streams.

If this post has any more pop culture references, it might explode, so let's get right to the encounter. A trio of Xaoscasters has come to a small village in search of new members for their anarchic order (and yes, they know full well that phrase is nonsense). A lot of buildings are going to burn down before they're done, and it falls on the party to intervene. Or join in the chaos. Player characters are often the most chaotic beings in existence.

Steven Gordon - 2CGaming Team

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