Tier Benefits
$5 or more per month

Hebrideans, you are the (yarny) base of our show.  Thank you so much for your contribution.   

To thank you for your contribution, we have regular special offers, mostly discounts on yarns and patterns produced by our guests.  Our Patrons love these discounts, and they support our guests too. 

Your name will be included on a Patrons page on the Fruity Knitting website, and the first 500 "Founding Patrons" will be listed in the program credits on the show.  (Limited for technical reasons!) 

$10 or more per month

Merinos, you know quality and you're big producers.  Thank you for your generous support.  Your contribution lets us put in the time to give everyone the very best show we can create. 

As valued Merinos, you get access to the audio recordings of the monthly events that we hold with our Shetland Patrons. This includes additional material from guests like Joji Locatelli, Andrea Mowry, Ann Budd, Deborah Newton and Carson Demers.

You're in the program credits (limited to first 500 Patrons), you're on the Patrons page, and you're in for any special offers we can organize.
$30 or more per month

Shetlands, your numbers may be small, but you are treasured for your contribution to the knitting world.  Thank you for your generosity and for the confidence that you are showing in us.  You're special and heads are turning. 

We want to spend time with you, so we're hosting a monthly 50-minute online video event.  We aim to include an inspiring guest as often as possible.  Together we exchange ideas and tips on our projects, and get to know each other.  This will be an exciting opportunity for you to speak to and ask questions of our guests directly. 

Upcoming Guests (Status September 2018)

  • Asa Tricosa 
  • Meg Swansen
  • Louisa Harding 

Past Guests

  • Susan Crawford
  • Di Gilpin
  • Isabell Kraemer 
  • Veera Välimäki
  • Caitlin Hunter
  • Andrea Mowry
  • Joji Locatelli
  • Deb Robson
  • Deborah Newton
  • Carson Demers
  • Nancy Marchant 
  • Romi Hill 
  • Veronik Avery 

Shetlands keep in touch throughout the month in a private Facebook group.  This is an intimate group, so you'll soon know the other members of the flock.  Apart from sharing your work and thoughts with each other and with us, you will also be able to submit questions for our guests to prepare for the upcoming online video event.  

An audio recording is available for each event to you if you can't attend at the time.

(Access to the online event is via your computer or mobile phone, via internet. You'll need some sort of speakers or headphone, a microphone and ideally a camera to participate. We'll send you full details shortly after you sign up.)

And, of course, you'll be in the credits and you'll be eligible for any discounts or other offers we can arrange. 

The number of Patrons at this level must be limited for now. 

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