Live Hikes and Husky Fun
You know, I'm about the most impatient person you're ever going to meet when it comes to chasing something I want to do. I'm not waiting for more patrons. I'll be live streaming my dogs and their walks when my camera gets here. The unedited live feeds will be patron only, but don't worry. Two bucks a month and you get at least one live streaming video of my huskies a week. It'll probably be more like three a week. PLUS I'll be reviewing some products and we'll have the amazing Amber, my mom's Labrador Retriever as a sometimes guest star; I'm currently working to bring her weight under control and she's going to be showing off a few alternatives to typical leads.

We will also be taking the random trip and we will spend that time exploring what it is like to travel with dogs, especially if you happen to be on your own. We'll find out what hotels are open to pets and what their rules are. We're going to get out there and discover where to take your vacation so your fur kids can get in on the action. So come on in and get ready. We're about to have some fun!