MerMay day 10 and 11
Sweetheart and Rebel, respectively.

Featuring Misu of backstory infamy (on the right) and her best friend Marcissa (on the left).

When I saw these two prompts listed back to back, I was immediately inspired, since these are the roles they end up filling in their society. 

The details of this may change, but Marcissa took to Companionship (not trying to rip off the Firefly career path, but it will be similar), using her good looks and her kindness to survive the manipulations and intrigues of the court. 

Misu took a very different path - her status is higher, to the point that there's only one role available to her, and instead of embracing that role she rebels more and more until she is able to overcome the darkness ruling their world and set her people on a new path (and then, of course, choose a different life for herself altogether).

Despite this, the two of them grew up very close. As I mentioned here, Misu's childhood was very isolated, her status making it very hard for her to make (and keep) friends. Marcissa is the ONE exception. In the face of Misu's seriousness, pride and tendency to hold herself back from people, Marcissa brings cheer and patience, and a willingness to see the good in Misu's persevering spirit. Their friendship has had a lasting effect on Misu, enabling her to open up and learn to trust, even just a little bit, which led to many transformations in her heart later.

Another look at these two and clarification on those "rings" in Misu's hand here. More backstory on what's going on in Mer-culture at this point in the story available here. 

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(I have gotta draw/write more on Marcissa. I've forgotten how lovely and awesome she is <3 )