Which Is The Best Language For Mobile App Development?
 Mobiles are getting momentum and apps are playing vital roles in our life. It has grabbed the attention of businesses to go for app development. Now, people used to talk about mobile app development and related things.

Mobile app development technologies are the talk of the town among the tech-savvy community. People talk about the pros and cons of different programming languages. Sometimes it creates confusion among the masses to decide app technology for their next projects.

To ease the selection process, I have attempted to give you hints about only the leading and highly used mobile app programming languages here.

Programming Languages for iOS App Development

Apple Inc. has fostered Objective-C as its official programming language for iOS app development since the beginning. Recently, it has released an updated and contemporary version as Swift for faster and better programming languages.

Programming Languages for Android App Development

Google has adopted Java as an official programming language for Android platform. Java is a huge programming language for software development and most suitable for mobile app development. Recently, it has announced Kotlin as new official language. It is a fast and easy to learn and code. It supports Java and eases the life of a programmer.

Programming Languages for Cross-platform App Development

Apart from native programming languages, cross-platform app development takes place with basic web technologies like HTML and CSS along with a combination of JavaScript. Different frameworks support different programming languages like Ionic which is based on Angular JS and supporting JavaScript exclusively.

Xamarin supports C# as its programming language and capable of delivering native-like experiences. Python is easy to code and learn a programming language, which is getting momentum thanks to the emergence of IoT applications.

I have described some more details in my recent blog “Get High-end App with Right Mobile App Development Programming Languages” at SysBunny and invite you to discuss your next mobile app development project and its programming language with an avid mobile app development team. 

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