Bullet precision testing
A quick update of what is going on with RESHOOT R. As mentioned some months ago, I reuse just a small percentage of code from the first Reshoot game. Now, while designing the first level of RESHOOT R, I quickly noticed that I have to modify even those small code-snipplets. 

Example: the autotargeting bullets which worked fine in the first game. They just did not work perfectly in RESHOOT R anymore, because the scrolling not only is much faster than in Reshoot, but it´´ s also varying in speed. Therefore some bullets did not hit the players direction like intended. I needed to implement more math precision and also prepare the targeting code to cope with variable scrolling speed. Took me a whole week to get this just right. But now all the bullets you see head towards the sweet spot of the players ship, no matter what´´ s going on, with full 50 frames / second glory.

Sometimes the precise path calculation also leads to very beautiful looking, curved bullets streams, something you could no´t see on the Amiga too often. Therefore I´m kind of satisfied that I took the time to balance the code.

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