Keep the faith when others have lost it
For leaders who desire to make great impact, they will experience bumps and hurdles along the road to fulfilling their vision. It’s not a straight line on the road of “success.” Your ability to bounce can be something that sets you apart from others, as a game-changing differentiator, in the current landscape of leadership. If you choose to be a leader, you are also making a choice to step into the gap, lead from the bottom up, and step into the line of fire. Starting strong is one thing, staying the course, quite another. When your metal gets tested, are you able to hold to your vision, and remain resilient in order to fulfill your magnitude of mission as a leader? Challenge produces growth, growth produces passion, passion produces influence. People follow influence, and they buy what impacts them. Not everyone will appreciate you, and frankly some will set out to undermine you. Use it all, as leverage to fuel your tenacity toward your vision. Your response will demonstrate your authenticity, character, and internal conviction, not just your ethics.