Right now, with today's delicious energy surge, I am showing Marty how to post directly to Patreon and our Patreon mailing lists. (If you need to be on any one of the mailing lists, ping one of us.) This should help us update more reliably, since he won't be waiting on me and my blurbling tummy and my foggy brain to make updates when he has created content. Excellent! We haven't quite worked out the mailing list schema, but we're getting there. If you notice anything about the mailing lists, our Patreon updates, or *anything* else we're setting up, and would like to offer feedback or insights, please do! Marty and I are both brain-compromised in major ways, and we may not notice something that would be easy for us to implement, that might improve your experience. We definitely want to improve your experience whenever we can, so hit us up if you have ideas or input. <3 Love, Megan & Marty
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