How to Access Full Monty and other Special Digital Rewards
I've been getting a few questions about how to find the The Annihilator Full Monty Pin-Up and the Sexy Height Chart for the Guys, so I figured I'd put a little post up here giving a step-by-step. (Oh, and while any NSFW posts on the site will be removed after 60 days, not too worry, you haven't missed anything yet. I haven't removed anything. :) ) STEP ONE: Please make sure you've pledged to get access to Special Digital Rewards. Folks can choose to get access to those rewards when they pledge $5 or more. (Folks at that level or above also get to see Sneak Previews of future art on Sundays and Kickstarter Digital Rewards on Wednesdays.) STEP TWO: Go to my main Patreon page STEP THREE: Click the Creations tab above -- you'll be able to see every goodie I've posted so far, including the two short stories about Spooky and all the Kickstarter art. The art and PDF links are included in individual posts (like for a blog or Tumblr). (A heads up: the Patreon site doesn't offer any search or tagging functions for posts. So, for now, you should scroll down under the Creations tab until you find what you are looking for. To find the Full Monty Sexy Height Chart, look for the big red NSFW thumbnail above one of the posts. To find The Annihilator Full Monty pin-up, look for the big, beautiful close-up of his face. To find the stories, look for STORY 1 or STORY 2 in the title of the post. I've been reaching out to the Patreon folks, asking for a better interface here. They are aware of the issue and are on it. Hopefully, we'll see some improvements soon. :) ) STEP FOUR: Click on the title of each post to access the reward you'd like. That will open the individual post and give you access to its reward! I hope that helps! Please let me know if it does. Thank you very much for your Patreon support. You are so absolutely amazing—I started this on January 15th and we're now just $1000 away from me being able to work on these comics full time for y'all. I'm just blown away. Thank you all so, so much! You are all super-heroes! More soon! Alex