HACK THE CRAFT™: Converting First to Third and Present to Past.
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This tutorial comes courtesy of episode 144 of The Taylor Stevens Show. It's part 3 of a 5 part series in which, at the author's request, we go through the process of converting a first person present tense piece to third person past tense.

In part 2 (TSS Episode 143) we used the opening paragraph to provide a visual of the differences between first person present tense, first person past tense, third person present tense, and third person past tense, to show how verbs and pronouns change from one to the next.

In this tutorial we go through the actual conversion process step by step with:

~~ Search terms used to auto convert pronouns from first to third

~~ Search terms used to auto convert present tense to past tense

~~ The manual cleanup process to catch what the auto conversion missed.

We then move on to the fully converted piece which allows us to see:

 ~~ The three reasons overuse of pronouns weakens your writing.  

~~ How writing in first person can create an over reliance on pronouns.

~~ How any overreliance on prounouns that was invisible in first person will become glaringly obvious in third person.   

~~ How small tweaks can eliminate unnecessary pronouns.  

~~ Areas that may need attention to keep tenses correct.

In the next episode we will line edit the fully converted piece.

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