Teacups in a Tempest
This is the digital art that I have created to accompany my Icon Alchemy Astrology Update May 15th, 2018 blog post, for the New Moon in Taurus and the entry of Uranus into Taurus.

The elemental signature for this New Moon is a combination of earth via the New Moon in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn, water via Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, and electricity via Uranus, with Mars entering into Aquarius bringing forceful air toward the end of the day, so the tempest feeling evoked by the movement toward the bottom of the source photograph seemed like a good concept to build upon.  The source photograph is actually of a floral arrangement with two cups wired into it, but as is often the case with my digital alterations this one quickly took on a life of its own, evoking for me the image of Alice riding the ocean of her own tears in a teacup in the Disney adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, which has been my favorite Disney film since I was a small child.  

Uranus' sign-change accompanying this New Moon makes it much more turbulent than a typical Taurus New Moon, and for me has resulted in the past 48 hours being filled with technological glitches and frustrations, to the point that my laptop has only narrowly escaped being flung against the wall on multiple occasions.  I've finally bitten the bullet and ordered a new laptop today, since the issues that have been plaguing my current laptop are not temporary, even if the timing of their worst manifestations has coincided with this short-lived lunar transit - the much longer Uranus transit (seven years!) in Taurus kicking off today seems like a good time to upgrade this particular resource and hopefully spend less time in danger of putting my fist through the screen.  ;)