Poll: Next Contest
Hey guys, sorry I wasn't able to post a weekly update this time - it's the first one I've missed! But I will make it up to you with DOUBLE content next week. Or almost double, at least. I promise.

In the meantime, I am planning another contest soon. So let me know in the poll which contest idea sounds best to you! Here are some details about each option:

Elemental Contest: Earth - I've hosted Water and Fire themed Elemental contests already, and although they did not result in a huge number of submissions, I still enjoyed the idea. So the next one would be Earth. Participants could submit LEGO creations or other pieces of art relating to the theme of earth and stone.

Comic Strip Contest - I've held some of these before too. It's pretty self-explanatory: contestants create a comic strip or page that tells a concise story or joke, using whatever artistic medium they prefer (drawings, LEGO, etc.). The best comic wins, probably decided by public poll.

Card Design Contest - This one's a little different. I would describe a few different card game systems, and then contestants would design a new card to fit into them. One would be based on the Angry Bobeyo game we are making, and another would be based on the CCG cards I've been sending in the monthly Loot Bags!

Elemental Contest #3: Earth

Comic Strip Contest

Card Design Contest

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