[Starfinder] Core Rulebook complete, new sections added
At long last, I can finally say that the Core Rulebook is done. Today's update gives you all of the systems and data necessary to support the entire Starfinder Core Rulebook, including a few new areas:
  • Rules: The largest new section is the "Rules" area. Historically, the Archives has focused on the "Mechanics" of the game - things that repeat throughout books, have a single set of rules to guide them, etc. For example, I've tracked Feats, but never really gave you the rules on how Feats themselves work. I tracked every Spell made, but not the rules on how Magic worked. Now you get both. The Rules section will contain all of the rules that tell you how to use these different mechanics. It will focus primarily on all of the data from the main RPG line, but any significant new rules from other books will find its way there as well.
  • Afflictions: Curses, Diseases, Drugs, and Poisons all can be found in the new Afflictions section of the website.
  • Traps: I've updated the Equipment section, adding a new Trap menu item to show off all the different Traps that GMs can throw against their players.

Now, though I'm done entering the data necessary to support the Core Rulebook, that doesn't mean I'm finished. The Alien Archive is the next big addition, which will bring with it a new section for Aliens and all of the rules needed to support them. Starfinder #1-6 will follow after that.

Beyond those two books, there's still a lot of areas to improve in the existing site structure - more hyperlinking is a big one. Thanks for stopping by and keep checking back for more updates!