Welcome to the Species Gacha, a brand new reward type!

For those who are at or above the 14$ tier, that's the Bob tier, you will now be allowed to obtain a species gacha. If you're new to gachas, a gacha is basically a capsule machine that dispenses a surprise.

When you take this reward, you will obtain a completely randomized animated sprite of the species of your choice, or if you're feeling extra lucky, you can just ask for a "Surprise" which means you'll draw from a pool of everything!

If randomizations aren't your gig, if you're in the $35 tier you are allowed to ask for up to two themes to base your gacha off of, and you will obtain a stat + trait list, as well as a short one paragraph plot dabble for your gacha!

When you're ready to order your gacha for the month send a pm with the short questionnaire under the species you want and get ready to get your new oc design! Yet again if you want something totally random just say so and don't fill out any of them! If you can't donate to the patreon you can also pay slightly more to get one on the trello!

New species will be added at certain goals.

For a limited time people at the 14$ tier will be allowed to pick 2 themes for the Aftik, Volkronn, and Apollo(mis) gachas! The notails only get 1 theme.

[Current species] 


Aftiks | Our happy wooping mascot
Hybrids/Mixes allowed?:  (The fella in the banner is a Plain + Shore mix!)
Masc/Fem/Andro/Any?: (This determines coloration. Put "Any" if you don't care)


Notails | Our terrifying anti mascot
Hybrids/Mixes allowed?: (Notails do get around......)
Extreme mutations allowed?: (Things like long "elf" ears or long curly antennas are simple mutations and always have a chance of happening, extreme mutations mean you have a chance at getting a notail with large areas mutated, or even an A-class!)


Volkronns | Our dragon capitalists

Hybrids/Mixes allowed?:  (They're rare but possible!)
Only natural colored?: (This means your volkronn will not be unnaturally colored. Say yes if you only want non-mutant colors. You still have a chance of getting natural colors when opting out of this.)


(---- No image right now sorry :( ----)

Apollo/Artemis | Our greek rapper/hunter
Clockwork infection/Ai Fusion allowed?:  (They're rare but possible!)
Apollo, Artemis, or random?: (You can pick if you want an Apollo or Artemis Ai. If you pick random you will have a chance at either one.)

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