Hey folks,

We're in the thick of our home renovations over here at Casa de Starr and while the house more than resembles the wreckage of Hoth base at the moment, (my creative director literally just said, "Do you have to make everything about Star Wars?") I'm so excited to see the progress that's been made and it will be great to be back in the home studio soon, putting together the upcoming episodes of the show for you guys!

It was great to catch up with my former coworker Courtney Abud for this month's episode with her. I've been trying to get more copywriters, photographers and filmmakers on the show, something we did a lot more of in our first year of the show. So on that note, if you know any great artists that fit that criteria that you'd like to hear on the show, send me their contact info and I'll add them to the ever-growing list!

In the meantime we've got some great episodes coming up for you. On June 5th we're talking with Martha Rich. Martha is a commercial and fine artist specializing in drawing and painting. Undoubtedly you've seen her mural work, which infuses her love of words with her unique style. She had a circuitous route to her career, which always makes for the best conversations, so look forward to that.

On June 19th we'll be talking with Dustin Kemper. Dustin is a product designer whose recent work has been focused on user experience, empathy, product strategy and information architecture. He came highly recommended the last time I crowd-sourced guest recommendations on social media, and we had already had an engaging conversation when we first met at one of the PHLDesign happy hours last year, so it was an episode I was looking forward to and he didn't disappoint.

And for you Patreon supporters, we'll have a bonus episode for you posting on June 4th, so you'll be getting a double-shot of Hi-Res that week!

I've got great guests lined up throughout the months of June, July and August that I'm really looking forward to sitting down with. Plus, I'm working on bringing on some guests from outside of the area that I know you guys would love to hear from, but it will require me doing some work to the home studio to properly set up for remote calls. This is where your Patreon support really kicks in, so thank you so much. 

And if you're not a supporter, throw in $2 for access to all of our back catalog of bonus episodes where we catch up with fan favorites of the show. These conversations are some of the most fun I've had doing the show. 

And hey, if you're afraid of commitment, contribute for one month, binge them all and then unsubscribe. I get it, there are a lot of podcasts to listen to, but I'm glad you're here and listening to mine and anything helps, truly. So thanks in advance!

I made you another mixtape for May on Spotify, so apparently this is a thing now. Have a listen to what we've been digging over here.

Take care, and thanks again for your support!