19 AdventShorts - Marinel de Jesus aka Brown Gal Trekker
Welcome to AdventShorts: where we feature our adventure heroes of the week and take a short but deep dive on one question to find out HOW they actually went. Not the adventure part, but what necessary steps they had to take to lead them to the adventure part.

We select an adventure hero who is exploring the world in ways we never even dreamed. We care about people who set their sights on an unimaginable adventure, took the necessary steps to achieve that, and they went for it. It does not matter if the adventure ends in success, a fastest or best accomplishment. Most often, our adventure heroes are exposing us to new ideas and new ways of living and they identify with the statement ‘adventure is my lifestyle.' 

In Episode 19 of AdventShorts we feature Brown Gal Trekker, Marinel de Jesus. Tim is the one who discovered Marinel’s writing and mentioned her in his piece he wrote on Blogly Went:

A Proposal for White People who want Diversity in the Outdoors: Make Yourself Useful

Marinel regularly is producing excellent, insightful writing, but the piece that caught our attention on this occasion is “When Money is the Bottom Line: The Inclusion Problem in the Outdoor Industry” at BrownGaltrekker.com

Marinel’s a lawyer turned dirtbag who's worked for years on issues of inclusion and exclusion in both politics and now the outdoor community, and her sense coming out of the Outdoor Retailer was that the primary barrier to people of color who want to have a voice at a place like OR is financial, because the fundamental question among power brokers (who are predominantly white, and predominantly male) is "what's in it for the bottom line?"

Marinel noticed and wrote about how being a woman in the outdoor industry is tough, being a person of color is tougher, but toughest of all is being both and that’s who she is and what she’s doing. For her willingness to give voice to these issues, we have selected her as our Adventurer of the Week. 

I hope you enjoy this interview with Marinel.

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