19 minutes of my time spent just to write this.
=hOur.coin is perhaps considered an expression of thermodynamic laws for extracting energy from a system of differential inequality.  In thermodynamics a heat engine produces work by using a high energy hot body and a cold body for a temperature differential and when it’s done the output is both bodies are at a more medium temperature.  So =hOur.coin works by extracting work from an economic system of differential wealth inequality.  The amount of work that can be extracted by a =hOur.coin business process is equal to difference in time value between the most affluent and least affluent and the degree of their participation in hours or dollars of value exchanged.  

=hour.coin consumes human value inequality as a fuel source for powering operations and returns a less unequal and more fair collection of bodies as exhaust product (waste).  Therefore, =hOur.coin will never reach complete equality because it loses energy for operations as equality increases.  In a completely equal and fair economy, there would be no profit motive for using =hOur.coin.  The greater the inequality in the marketplace or world of people, the greater the utility value and work extractable from the system by =hOur.coin.