WOW! I cannot believe I have produced 190 creations. Most have come from the past two months. Looking at some of the other comic strips on Patreon, I can honestly say, "I kick @$$"!!!! . Where else do you get... • 3 Strips each week • 6 original storyboards each week • A new sketch every day • Monthly Cosplay pictures of Frenchy • Monthly Charmy's Army Wallpapers • Monthly chat sessions with Davy And where else can you win an awesome sketch from Davy each month? ONLY HERE! Thanks to all 4 of my Patrons for your passionate support. I know as soon as my Comic Convention tour gets figured out, I will begin seeing more and more Patrons. Everyone I have talked with says that it takes a long time to get the support rolling, but once it does it builds quickly. Help me out by sharing this post on Facebook, Twitter and anywhere you may hang out at on Social Media. http://www.patreon.com/charmysarmy Thanks! Davy Jones
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