New patreon goals: videos on gesture and signed languages!
You patrons are so amazing that we're running out of goals AGAIN. We're now just over $100 away from our liveshow goal (wow!) so we thought we'd give you some new and exciting goals to look forward to. 

The first new goal is a special filmed episode about gesture in relation to language! 

Lauren has done a lot of gesture research in various languages, but you might not have known this because it's hard to talk about gesture on a podcast! She's recently dragged Gretchen down this rabbit hole too, who can now personally assure you that gesture is super interesting and undeservedly overlooked by a lot of linguistics programs. So this gesture episode is going to be a fascinating deep dive into gesture for both people with no linguistics background and experienced linguists who want an intro to the gesture literature.  

Plus, we're going to have to be in the same part of the world in order to put on the liveshow from the previous goal, so we thought we'd take advantage of that and film a gesture episode at the same time for the next goal, so you can see the gestures we're talking about. 

But then, we got thinking, if we're going to start figuring out video, we could do what we've been really wanting to do for a long time. That is, to do a proper episode about sign languages by interviewing a Deaf linguist in their native language, on video with an interpreter. Both because again it's hard to talk about signs when you can't actually see them, and because we think it would be pretty insensitive of us to do a whole episode on sign languages in a format that's not accessible to Deaf people. 

So the second new goal is a video interview episode about signed languages, interviewing a Deaf linguist! 

We're still working out the details for who we're going to get and thus which sign language it's going to be in (probably Auslan or ASL depending on which hemisphere we're interviewing from), but we know several Deaf linguists who would make great guests and there's plenty of time to figure out all the details. 

And of course, if it goes well and people like it, we could always do another one from the other hemisphere at some point. There are whole courses on signed language linguistics so we certainly won't have any shortage of interesting things to talk about! 

Both of the videos will be captioned (we make captions for our audio episodes already as part of our transcription process, because we upload the episodes as still videos to youtube and then our editorial producer edits the auto-captions). 

You can read transcripts for all our main episodes here, and we're midway through getting all the bonus episodes transcribed as well. (We'll make a post here with all the bonus transcripts when we're caught up, but if you want us to send them to you as they come out, just ping us using Patreon's messenger over on the sidebar.)

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