How to Stream Data From the Muse Headband into Max 7
Hey gang, today is a short tutorial on how I use the Muse headset in Max 7 to create music/art. I've noticed that there isn't much info available on how to stream Muse data into Max, and the example patch on the Muse developers' site is outdated and links to an external object that no longer works. Therefore I decided to show how I have managed to get it working, so that anyone else who has a Muse will have an easier time getting their data to stream!

Things You'll Need:

  • odot externals library: 
  • Muse Monitor App (available to purchase from the App store)
  • Muse Headband
  • Max 7
  • 'brainstuff.maxpat' attachment from this post (or copy the image above)

Step One

Download the patch attached to this post. Install the Muse Monitor app and the odot externals library.

Step Two

Turn on the headband (make sure it is fully charged) and go into settings on the Muse Monitor app. Change the IP address and the port to match the ones that you will be streaming to in Max (for port I use 5000)

Step Three

In Max, open the patch and enter the same IP address in the 'udpsend' object and make sure the port number matches under 'udpreceive' (see image at the top of this post)

Step Four

Make sure your firewall is turned off and that bluetooth is turned on on the device that you will be streaming from

Step Five

Click 'streaming' on the Muse Monitor app. Confusingly, when it's streaming there will be a cross through the streaming icon

Step Six

If the buttons are flashing and numbers are appearing in the Max patch, then you have been successful! If not, go through and check that you've used the right IP address, that your firewall is turned off, that there are no other devices using the Bluetooth, etc.

Step Seven

The numbers appearing will be from the EEG readouts. To get data streaming from the accelerometer or gyroscope, create objects 'o.route /gyro' and 'o.route /acc' etc.

If you have any issues then feel free to message me, similarly let me know if there is any vital step that I have missed out. Happy streaming!