Mid-Week Flash Challenge - Week 56
This story is for Miranda Kate's Mid-Week Flash Challenge - Week 56. You can see the image prompt for this challenge on that page. It's a short tale at only 223 words (not including the title). 

Make sure to read the other stories posted on her challenge page, too!


Out of Kindness

Yes, she is beautiful and young—a sweet girl on the verge of becoming a woman. Everything a man could want walks next to me, smiling, giggling. The hunger I have for her is nearly beyond my control, though a hunger most men can never imagine. 

I look up at the night sky. It is beautiful, too, clear and full of stars around the moon's milky madness. 

She tells me how kind it is to see her home. There are many dangers in the night.  

"True enough," I reply. Modesty turns her eyes away. She does not see my smile.  

And her perfume! My nostrils flare inhaling the faint scent of blood pulsing beneath her soft, pale skin. Such a fragrance makes my heart beat faster, pounding within my chest until I cannot comprehend how she herself does not hear its rhythm. I close my eyes for a moment to savor its perfection. 

I speak less as a rasp invades my voice. The change is coming over me. I pull my hat lower then place my hands in my pockets—for now. Claws dig into sweaty palms, anticipating their task. Yet together we stroll, calmly, almost silently, towards what must be.   

Such a foolish girl to accept my offer to accompany her. The moon above is full and I will feast well tonight.

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