May Rewards Round-up!
Here's this month's summary image of what I sent out to y'all as special Patreon rewards in May.  

$5+ Patrons can download a digital wallpaper for Legendary Chapter 3 Cover Art here as well as the winner of the Favorite "Legendary" Panel poll, TYP Legendary CH 2 Page 26, Panel 5 here. 

Of course,  $10+ Patrons will be sent a high-res version of both of these wallpapers with over double the resolution on June 10th!

Thank you so much for your awesome, continued support this month! This is how I make my living, and I pay my artists a full rate for their amazing work. Without you, this comic wouldn't be possible—your support is what makes it possible. So I want to delight you with what I'm putting out there. Stay tuned for a special new reward very soon. :D

You're all superheroes!


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