This has been a problem for a long time due to the way Patreon formats posts ANYONE makes.  After learning a few useful browser tricks as of late, I saw how I could just collect the json responses by running the requests it was making in my admin panel whenever I'd scroll down to see more published posts as curl and appending them all to a file. 

 But you don't care about that.  Here you go!  The frequently requested master list!  Patreon links to all 140 bonus videos.  Note that you have to be a $2 Patreon to see these.  If someone tries to distribute them to non-patreons...I'll see it in my analytics panel and then change the links to all the don't do that please. 

  Your support really does support 140 bonus videos.  They should be listed from the first one ever posted to the last one.  I may update this list every now and then, but it won't be a priority.  I'd prefer to have it automated. Perhaps that will happen soon. 

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