GTA V Thanos script mod

This is my Thanos script mod for GTA V.

Download link is in the end of this post

Mod in use:

Don't forget to download the ped model that i use in my videos, the mod goes with a sample suit file for that ped model (ThanosIW_big):

Add peds guide + special characters:

More info about the mod (Features, hotkeys, etc.):

Mod setup tutorial:

Plugins setup:
Script setup:

Some of the features:

Power stone: Ground attack and power shoot
Time stone: "Freeze" time
Space stone: Teleport and create black holes
Reality stone: Transform peds and vehicles in stones
Soul stone: Steal peds souls
Thrown meteors
"Snap fingers" attack
Enemy and ally feature
Grab and throw peds and vehicles

Its possible have some game crashes after too much power usage, this script goes a little beyond than my other scripts :)

Check controls in the mod menu "Controls" option
Check Options menu for extra options

Case you have issues with walking animations, switch the camera mode to Normal game camera in the scripts Options menu

Some features in action: