Look at that face!
LOL -- this is THOR, my sister's BIG-yet-acts-tiny dog.  

Hurray!! My video production is speeding up, as I practice my skills and amass a ton of WIP files and folders on my Lenny the laptop.

I made this little video in about 1/2 hour, plus another 10 minutes or so, when I later added a little music track (settling on one "good enough" for now, because I didn't have internet access at the time, to find anything better...).

View the 50-second humorous video on YouTube! 

I have been practicing time remapping using Adobe Premiere Pro CC, so when my sister went out to mow the yard... and the dog was acting so subdued and silly... I grabbed my phone and took a little footage, uploaded it to my Lenny, and challenged myself to see how fast I could create a brief video that could make my sister laugh.

WOOT!  I did it!  I had the first version of the video ready to go by the time she came in from mowing.  That one had no little background music, but was essentially the same otherwise, as the finished product.

Very encouraging.

Now I am challenging myself to see how many OTHER video projects I can FINISH in the next 10 days or so...!

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