Is it worth waiting to buy the PS4 Pro

The presentation of Sony on its new PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro left us full of doubts and also with unknowns that Sonydid not clarify at the time, but which are already having more data. The launch of a new console, in this case intergenerational, still generates many more doubts than a generational change itself since it is not clear if in a couple of years the successor may already be on store shelves.

In the umpteenth attempt of the console manufacturers to try to be compared to the PC, this generation has put into the equation a third member: the intergenerational console, with improvements but without supposing a major change in itself. If from long ago we have been accustomed to the normal model and years later to the Slim model, this generation has got into the equation a more advanced model such as the case of PS4 Pro or the futureProject Scorpio if we look at the other manufacturer.

Perhaps thinking more coldly, it is much more profitable to you can buy one there a PS4 , a PS4 Slimand then a PS4 Pro that, in the long run, will give us more inconvenience and money invested. Or not?.

Visual star features of PS4 Pro

The features that define the new PS4 Pro are many, but perhaps most are somewhat unnecessary. The most outstanding novelty of the new Microsoft console is that it is capable of generating 4K (simulated) graphics , that is, thanks to its own technology, the console and developers will be able to offer us a simulated 4K resolution with a series of improvements It might seem that we are watching content played in native 4K. If you have a TV compatible with the 4K you will notice a lot of improvement, and if you have an HDTV you will also see certain advantages, although that will depend on what the developer wants.

The name of the HDR (High Dynamic Range) has also appeared,  which offers a series of graphic improvements such as greater depth of color and contrast compared to the Standard Dynamic Range. With this technology an image is offered that is closer to what the eye perceives, so to speak, more natural, with a wider spectrum of colors. Of course, it is a feature that is only visible if you have a television compatible with this technology, because if you are not going to touch it, imagine it.

But no, it is not compatible with the Blue-Ray Ultra 4K format , and is only compatible with the same blue-ray specifications of the standard model, although they have promised to improve the Blue-ray disk producer application.

Good design for a great console

If you thought that PS4 Pro was going to decorate the furniture of your house much better, you are very wrong. The new PS4 Pro is bigger than the current model, and bases its dimensions on a 3-storey portent of 3.3 kgs with 295x55x327mm that will mean a considerable space occupied in a console that will have to be close to your 4K television since the HDMI cable included in the console promises to be something short.

Otherwise, we have a PS4 Pro that is more efficient, makes less noise and emits less heat and, therefore, will prevent it from acting as a second stove in winter or as an unexpected heat fan in summer. One of its small absences is the loss of the optical port, although in its place it gains WiFi ac, Bluetooth 4.0 and several USBs of the type 3.0, of greater speed.

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