GTA V Thanos script mod released

First public release version is ready for download :)

Mod in use:


You also can have Patreon privileges paying via Paypal balance:

or, for brazilians, via PagSeguro:

Don't forget to download the ped model that i use in my videos, the mod goes with a sample suit file for that ped model (ThanosIW_big):

More info about the mod (Features, hotkeys, etc.):

If you need HELP, send MESSAGE, don't make comments/posts, its harder to find the comments, i miss some. Messages are listed one by one in a beautiful list :)

In this version i added the "Snap fingers" attack and the Enemy/Ally features, also made some fixes and improvements.

The script mod don't include suits, so, download and install one, the mod goes with a suit sample file for Thanos Infinity War model, there is a link in the suits subfolders.

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