Sneak Peek: DUCKLAND Rough

Here's a special treat just for Patreon subscribers: the opening from my first sketchbook rough for DUCKLAND, a sequel to WELCOME TO THE ZONE featuring former developer, now President, Ronald Duck! I have a complete story already drawn out, and my plan is to pitch a finished version to a publisher in one volume with the redrawn WELCOME TO THE ZONE I've been serializing here on Patreon. 

While this story puts Ronald Duck front and center, l will also be bringing back many of the WELCOME TO THE ZONE characters. Sharp-eyed readers  should recognize the Mayor's unnamed aide, now Mayor herself. In this draft, I've named her Thalma Threefer, but I'm open to suggestions for a better name. Post yours in the comments! 

Watch this space. I'll be posting further installments, as well as work in progress from the finished version, from time to time. 

Next installment:

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