Secret City / 1 June
We made a startling discovery one night before dinner... Without warning, busy red ants filled the yard, running this way & that!  We could hear them rustling & bustling in the leaves & grass.  

At first we were worried that they were going to invade the house.  Then we got curious, & we hunkered down & tried to follow individual ants to see where they were going.  

Slowly, it dawned on me that all these little rocky jumbles & leaf-piles in neglected corners of the yard were actually CAREFULLY CONSTRUCTED ANT-BUILDINGS!  Walls & tunnels arose to connect their various nests... A great ant-citadel took shape before our eyes.

I've recently re-discovered Mike Duncan's HISTORY OF ROME podcast, so maybe I'm primed to see the rise & fall of epic empires in everything.  

And by the way:
Pop-Culture reference link!:
Secret City (with "Commander Mark") was my favorite drawing show when I was a kid in the 1980s.

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