#101 Dirty Bucko
#101 Dirty Bucko Suzy had no idea what heaven was like, but after marrying Bucko and moving to his mountain cabin miles from civilization, she had a pretty good idea of hell. One day she told him, “Hell became my reality the day I met you.” “Baby, baby,” Bucko said, “I've been treating you like a queen. But since you feel that way, I'll show you what hell can be like.” He punched her in the stomach. She bent in pain, and he swung an open handed slap to her face. She straightened up with tears of hurt rolling from her eyes. “That's just the beginning,” Bucko grasped the top of her dress and yanked hard. The dress tore down the seam. He threw it to the cabin floor. Bucko pulled out his Bowie knife, cut her bra and panties off. Fear stopped her from protesting. He put the blade under her left breast. “Do what I say or I'll perform a mastectomy right here.” He pushed on the blade and cut deep enough where blood ran down into her navel. He humiliated her for over an hour with his knife and his penis. When Bucko finished, she locked herself in the bathroom with tears and blood flowing. Bucko banged on the door, “Hurry up and get out here. Cook me some dinner before I go hunting.” Shaking from fear and anger she put on a robe and prepared his food. She thought about putting rat poison in his dinner but the idea scared her. Surprising her, he said, “Get dressed, you're coming with me.” “Why?” “Told you, I’d show you what hell was like. Today you're going to be bear bait.” “What're you talking about?” “That grizzly that has been eating goats and cows; it'll think you're a tasty morsel when it sees you.” “You're crazy. I'm not acting as bear bait.” Bucko punched her in her right breast. “You'll do whatever I tell you to. Understand?” He raised his right fist. “Yes,” she said in a weak voice. She put on warm clothes and looked through the window and saw Bucko in the barn saddling his horse. His rifle leaned against the door. She picked it up, checked to see if it had shells in it. She opened the door enough to stick the barrel through and drew a bead on him as he stomped around the barn. If I miss, he'll shoot me. That thought made her put the rifle down. She picked it up again, emptied all the shells from it, and replaced it near the door where it had been. Bucko came to the door. She stuffed the bullets into her pocket. “Let's go, you walk in front of Bessie and me. That way if the bear comes for you, I'll be in position to shoot it.” “Oh, oh,” she thought. “The gun's not loaded. If I tell him, he’ll beat me.” She decided to chance the bear wouldn't come. She had a way with animals and didn't fear them. Last summer a mountain lion had followed her from the river to the cabin, and she had called it to her. It came and purred like a house-cat when she rubbed its head. Another time while picking berries a mother bear with two cubs in tow picked her share of berries alongside her without a growl. Suzy strode along the mountain trail in between the tall timber humming. She feared Bucko more than any bear. Fifty yards ahead of him she went around a bend and thought about running away, but knew Bucko could track her down in no time. A loud growl sounded. Bessie whinnied in fear. She turned and saw a monstrous bear running at Bucko and Bessie. He remained calm when he raised his rifle, aimed, pulled the trigger. A look of astonishment washed over his face when the hammer clicked on an empty magazine. He looked at her with evil-hate in his eyes just as the bear crashed into Bessie. Bucko dropped his rifle and pulled out his Bowie knife even as he was rolling on the ground after being knocked off his horse Bessie. Knocked off her feet, Bessie rolled onto Bucko’s legs. The bear tore Bessie's throat open with one swipe of its powerful claws and gorged on horseflesh. Bucko tried to escape, but couldn't get his legs from under the dead horse. He tried to stab at the bear with his knife, but the bear was out of reach. It looked at Bucko, and its tongue licked its lips as though saying, “I'm saving you for dessert. Bucko looked to Suzy and mouthed the words, “Help me.” She ran to where he had dropped the rifle, picked it up and put bullets into the magazine. “It was you!” Bucko screamed. The bear roared at the sound of his voice. Suzy saw fear on his face. This scene was heaven sent. Her abuser trapped by a bear he had planned on killing, and his only hope of surviving was a wife he had just brutalized. Who said there's no justice? She remembered her marriage vows to honor and obey, and she raised the rifle, took careful aim at the bear, set her finger on the trigger and as she started to pull it, Bucko yelled. “Hurry up and shoot, or I'll make you sorry.” Suzy moved the gun sight and aimed for Bucko instead. The bear moved toward Bucko. She aimed at it. It stood on its hind legs and roared. Bucko screamed. She aimed at Bucko, then aimed at the bear, then at Bucko, then at the bear, then she dropped the gun and walked back to the cabin. The end For more stories, poems, & other stuff. http://joedibuduo.com/ http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=joe+DiBuduo My newest novel “Cryonic Man,” is available at http://www.amazon.com/Cryonic-Man-Paranormal-Joe-DiBuduo/dp/0692381287/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1425870872&sr=8-1&keywords=Cryonic+Man PLEASE SUBSCRIBE FOR$1. A MONTH TO ENABLE ME TO CONTINUE WRITING A STORY A DAY. IF I CONTINUE FOR A YEAR, I WILL WRITE 365 STORIES. 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