(Uploading this earlier because I'll give you a little V-Day thing later today~)

The last of five ACEOs of our fav husbandos and waifus! I FINALLY FINISHED THEM ALL! qwq <3
While Nyan Cat is purrfect with its toast body, Longcat would probably look good as a bacuette (HA, GET IT? BA-CUETTE, LIKE BA-CAT, I AM SO PUNNY OMFG). At least Seven enjoys it. A bit too much, I guess. Get ur head in the game, boi. 8D <3

Made with: Deleter Comic Book Paper (Type B), Deleter Neopiko-Line-3 (sepia), Sakura Pigma Brush (sepia), Copic Ciao, Pentel Hybrid Gel Grip, Sakura Gelly Roll

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