193: Heater Allen Brewing
Episode 193 – We’re back after a month-long sabbatical, and we coming in hot with some beers from Heater Allen Brewing!

We’re back! This week on the show, we’re keeping it clean and classy with some traditional German-style beers from Oregon’s Heater Allen Brewing.

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Watch the unedited episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/It0gTatPJE4

Episode Chapters:
00:00: FirkFest 2018!
02:27: Theme Music
02:36: Begin Show
02:54: Heater Allen Beers
04:10: Pils – Heater Allen Brewing
10:23: Schwarz – Heater Allen Brewing
14:48: Vaping
17:02: Schwarz (cont’d)
17:22: Going Back To Tradition Beer Styles
18:35: Marzen Lager – Heater Allen Brewing
24:03: Rauch Bock – Heater Allen Brewing
30:54: Four Brewers on YouTube!

Beers from this week’s episode:
Pils – Heater Allen Brewing
Schwarz – Heater Allen Brewing
Marzen Lager – Heater Allen Brewing
Rauch Bock – Heater Allen Brewing

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Theme Song: The Sleeping Sea King

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